How to effectively measure the correct dosage for your wash

How to effectively measure the correct dosage for your wash

If you’re not sure about how much detergent to use in your laundry, just know that you’re not alone! More is not always better – if you use too much detergent or overload your washing machine, your clothes may end up with unwanted white residues on them, and it can also potentially cause problems for your washing machine. Read our dosing guide for essential laundry tips, including how much liquid powder detergent to use, how our new Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS can make your laundry easier, and how to keep your detergent safe from children!

Loading the machine

First off, it’s important to mention that there are three different washing machine categories: fully automatic front loaders, fully automatic top loaders, and semi-automatic machines.

In case of a front-load washing machine, place your garments in the drum one by one

When using a front loader, place the garments inside the tub one by one (start with the more heavily stained clothes first), making sure that they’re not tangled. It’s worth noting here that today’s energy efficient washing machines use less water. For the best possible results, there has to be enough water for the detergent to dissolve and enough space for your clothes to move around. Overloading your washing machine will soak up all the water so there isn’t enough to completely dissolve the detergent. To prevent this from happening with your fully automatic front load washing machine, leave a gap about the width of your hand between the top of the drum and the laundry. You can use the palm trick with a top load washing machine, as well. The key to correctly loading your top load washing machine is to evenly distribute your clothes around the edges of the wash plate (or the centre agitator, if it has one), allowing your garments to move about freely, so you get the best results.

As for semi-automatic washers, you have the less common single tub and the more common twin tub type. The single tub machine is designed to do all the washing and the spin drying in one tub, while you need to move the clothes from one tub to the other during the washing process when washing with the twin tub. Although the washing mechanism is different, the loading method is not: just simply place your garments inside the tub, making sure that you leave enough space so that your clothes can move around, add water and detergent, select the length of the wash, and press start.

You should be aware that more delicate fibres and faster wash cycles require a smaller load to give the garments more space to move around.

How much laundry detergent to use

It is important to dose correctly as underdosing can result in poor cleaning and stain removal. The three key factors to consider for getting the perfect laundry are:

  • 1


    The more heavily soiled your clothes are, the more detergent you will need to use in a load. This helps to remove dirt and prevents it from returning to your clothes. 

    Dirt level
  • 2


    Water hardness varies throughout the country. To get the best results people in hard water areas need to use more detergent.

    Water hardness
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    Different types of washing machines work differently, and therefore you have to use different washing detergents and dosage methods, too. Liquids can be used for both types of fully automatic washing machines, meanwhile Ariel recommends you use different powder detergents in a fully automatic top loader, front loader and semi-automatic washing machines. Detergent dosage is also based on the drum size of a conventional washing machine. Most washing machines now sold have bigger drums (5-7kgs). Larger wash loads bring in more dirt, so to get great results on every wash you need more detergent.

    Washing machine type

Dosing guide

You can get washing detergents in powder and liquid form, although which to use depends on your laundry needs and the machine you’re using.

You can use Ariel Matic Liquid for both types of fully automatic washing machines. Simply dose by filling the washing detergent cap, and just pour the laundry detergent into the drawer of your washing machine. Just don’t forget that dosing can differ by washing machine type, so make sure to read our article about dosing to know how much liquid detergent to use with your washing machine.

You can use powder detergent when hand washing clothes, and also in front and top loaders, as well as semi-automatic washing machines. If you’re not sure how much powder detergent to use, you can just measure out the correct dose using the scoop provided with the detergent and follow the instructions on the back of the product. In case of a top loader or a semi-automatic, add the powder directly into the drum. If you’re using a front loader, dose the detergent into the drawer. Once you’ve added the detergent, place the clothes in the drum, choose the correct cycle based on the recommendation on the fabric care label and press start.

Dosing guides for front-load, top-load and semi-automatic washing machines

Meet the easy-to-dose Ariel 4in1 PODS

If you’re looking for an easier way to do the laundry, then the new Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS may be for you! Meet our washing capsules, that come with the power to clean, lift stains, brighten clothes and soften fabric, in one handy POD. And dosing has never been easier! For most loads 1 POD = 1 wash, which you place in the drum of your washing machine before adding the clothes on top. For heavily soiled clothes feel free to add another POD. See more about how to use and dose Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS.

Keep detergent safe

Don’t forget that Ariel laundry detergents are chemicals, so they should be kept out of reach of children, preferably somewhere dark and dry. Try putting them in a drawer that they can’t open, or store it on a shelf that they can’t reach.