Ariel Matic 4in1 PODS

Meet our latest laundry innovation with four compartments.

Upgrade to get HD Clean with new Ariel 4in1 PODS, imported from Japan that will give you brilliant cleaning, tough stain removal, and amazing brightness, softness, and freshness!

It has four unique compartments that come packed with ingredients, and they all work together to bring a unique cleaning power to your wash that also makes using and dosing so much easier as 1 POD = 1 wash.

Ariel 4in1 PODS are compatible with fully automatic washing machines.

Ariel Matic 4in1 Pods

There's no need for any additional product, as 1 POD will do.

Ariel 4in1 POD:

Removes stains

Removes stains

Freshens clothes

Freshens clothes


Brightens colours

Softens fabric

Softens fabric

How to use


Take the POD out of the box. Open the pouch inside to take the capsule out, and make sure your hands are dry when handling them.


Place one POD into the drum of the washing machine before adding your clothes. There is no need to tear the POD apart; just place it into the drum as it is.


Add the clothes into the drum of the washing machine directly on top of the washing capsule.


Select the appropriate wash cycle based on the garments’ fabric care labels.


Seal the pouch, and close box after use, and for child safety, keep it out of reach of children.

How to dose

Dosing has never been easier with Ariel 4in1 Pods

Dosing has never been easier with Ariel 4in1 PODS. To dose all you need to know is:

1 POD = 1 wash

However, if you have large loads or heavy soiling, you may want to add an extra POD to your washing machine.

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Keep your home and your loved ones safe with our Ariel 4in1 PODS safety tips:

  • Only handle the PODS with dry hands

  • Seal the inner pouch properly, and close the tub with a click

  • Keep the tub high on a shelf or locked up and away from children

  • Clean up any accidents or spills immediately.

  • Don't cut or peel PODS before use.

Ariel Matic 4in1 PODS
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