How to wash colour garments

How to wash colour garments

Colourful garments are not only special because they are great at saying everything about us by reflecting our mood and our personality.

In fact, colourful garments are also special because of their special needs. They can fade and lose colour quicker than light and dark clothes.

Washing clothes with care will help you keep these colourful favourites for longer. So here are our laundry tips for washing colour clothes.

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    Read the washing instructions and washing symbols on your clothing.

    They will tell you whether the item should be washed in a washing machine or by hand, or whether it should go to a dry cleaner.

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    Wash your colours separately.

    For coloured clothes that can be washed at home, you first need to sort them according to colour. Bright clothes such as purples, reds, oranges, and bright yellows can be washed together. Bright blues and greens can also be washed together. If you have one item that doesn’t match anything else, consider washing it by hand.

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    Pre-treat stains.

    Examine your coloured clothing for stains and treat them with a small amount of Ariel detergent. It is tough on stains yet gentle on your colours.

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    Turn your new coloured clothes inside out to wash.

    Don’t over stuff the machine and wash the items on as gentle a cycle as is necessary to clean your clothes. A gentle or medium wash cycle should be perfect.

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    Wash your new coloured clothes in cold water.

    For best performance, use Ariel Colour Washing Powder designed for semi-automatic washing machines, or Ariel Matic Liquid, made for bright coloured clothes, to be used in fully automatic washing machines. It helps keep your colours bright while removing many tough stains and impurities with just one wash.

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    Remove your coloured clothing from the machine as soon as the cycle finishes.

    Allowing coloured clothes to sit in a washing machine may cause the colours to leech onto other items.

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    Hang your coloured clothes to dry.

    Avoid using the dryer if possible, as the dryer will cause your clothing to fade faster and set any stains that you may have missed.

How to remove stains from coloured clothes

  • Treat immediately: Put the stained part under warm water in order to prevent the stain from drying into the garment.

  • Soak into water: Because deep, bold colours are more likely to bleed onto lighter ones, washing colours together isn’t the best idea. Soak the coloured garments separately inside a bucket of warm water and leave them there for 30 minutes each. If the stain has already dried in, apply a little Ariel Matic Liquid on the stain directly.

  • Wash according to care instructions: After you soaked, rinse it and wash according to fabric care label, or as advised above.