Ariel asks sons to #ShareTheLoad

Continuing to address the issue of gender inequality within the household, we launched our third season of the #ShareTheLoad campaign, because with Ariel, anyone can achieve impeccable cleaning results, no matter who does the laundry!

It is true that more men today Share The Load than ever before. But, based on a survey carried out by an independent third party, we’ve found that there’s still a long way to go if we want to achieve total equality within the household:

With the belief that mothers have a strong empathetic point of view, Ariel now urges mothers to raise their children as a generation of equals. “The onus lies on our generation as parents” commented Sonali Dhawan on the movement, the marketing director of P&G India.

The sons of today are the husbands of tomorrow

In the latest edition of the #ShareTheLoad movement, Ariel asks yet another relevant question: Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters?, based on an uncomfortable truth that’s so true for today. While society is changing rapidly, there is not enough attention on raising sons differently. Making laundry the face of the movement, Ariel India’s latest campaign wants mothers to raise a new generation of sons who know how to #ShareTheLoad. So that when the sons of today become the husbands of tomorrow, they will be equipped with the knowledge and attitude to Share The Load.

Titled “Sons #ShareTheLoad”, the campaign has resonated with many parents, newly married couples, and influencers, and has already received tremendous support and commendation from audiences across not just India, but the whole world, as well. The film was released on January 24th, 2019, and garnered 73 million views by May 2019.

Thanks to Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign series, more men today are sharing the load than ever before.

  • In 2015, 79%* men in India thought household chores are a women’s job and outside work is a man’s job .
  • By 2018, this number has reduced to 52%*.

Despite progress, there is still more work to be done, hence the third season of the campaign.

Influencing equality

A number of celebrity influencers also decided to join the initiative, helping to raise further awareness of the gender inequality in household tasks, discussing the prevalence of gender disparity in India, and the ever more urgent need for sons to #ShareTheLoad.


Acclaimed actress SARGUN MEHTA added:

“Ravi is a great partner, he takes care of my needs and requirements and is always there for me. Equality whether at home or work comes naturally to him. But I would like to credit our Mom Sudha for this and thank her for bringing up a son who believes in equality in a relationship. I wish all men could demonstrate equality and #ShareTheLoad not just on Women’s day but every day.”



“This is the first time ever I am doing an event with both my superwomen – Sargun and my mother. I am thrilled, and thankful to Ariel for arranging this. Both Sargun and mom, have had a deep influence on my life. I want to thank my mom - the original and ultimate superwoman for teaching me early on to #ShareTheLoad. And then, there came Sargun. She has been the perfect partner for me, and I try to be the same for her every day. Being an equal partner and #sharingtheload is a default setting. After all, it’s our Load!”


Supporting the #ShareTheLoad movement, actor RAJKUMAR RAO said:

“The Sons#ShareTheLoad film really resonated with me. With this latest ad Ariel has not just raised an issue, but has also provided a pathway, so that we can move society to a more equal tomorrow. My mother always raised me to be an equal – starting with sharing to-do lists with my sister at home as kids. I thank my mother for having set the right example for me, and for ensuring I can stand her proudly today to set an example. And this has always driven me to ensure that my relationship with Patralekhaa is that of equals, inside the home and outside of it! Thank you, Ma, for making sure that your son knew how to #ShareTheLoad!”


Actor PATRALEKHA added, giving the #ShareTheLoad movement a big Thumbs up:

“Raj is an amazing partner, he inherently believes in sharing the load and has proved that time and again throughout our relationship. He believes, says, and demonstrates that we are truly equal partners – that we are in it together and we have balanced roles to play. But, Partners like Raj shouldn’t be exceptions, they should be the norm. #SharingTheLoad should be the norm. I am glad Ariel has continued to drive this conversation, as we can already see change!”


About the Survey*: