Ariel Matic Top Load Washing Powder

New & improved Ariel Matic!

New & Improved Ariel Matic gives you tough stain removal for a bright clean in just 1 wash. Especially designed to be used in top loading machines, Ariel Matic Top Load offers brilliant stain removal for full loads. The oxi-stain fighters for an impeccable clean wash after wash. It also provides deep down cleaning and long-lasting freshness.

Formulated specifically for fully automatic washing machines, it generates the right amount of foam in the machine to deliver superior cleaning inside the machine itself, without damaging the machine due to excess foam. It requires just 1 scoop for normal loads, and 1.5 scoops for heavy loads, providing performance along with value. Ariel Matic’s cutting edge technology provides impeccable cleaning for all your clothes, and removes tough stains like juice, chocolate, tomato and butter/ghee along with maintaining the brightness of the clothes. So now, say goodbye to stains and dullness!

Cleans all your clothes impeccably.

Just in one wash.

Cleans deep down.

Cleans deep down.

And leaves long-lasting freshness.

Removes tough stains.

Removes tough stains.

Like juice, chocolate, tomato and butter/ghee.

Top load.

Top load.

Designed to be used in front loading machines.

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How to dose

Ariel Matic Top Load Powder

Dosage information:

1 scoop for normal loads 1.5 scoops for heavy loads Not sure which washing detergent you need? Learn about finding the right washing detergent for your laundry needs.

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