Are you getting the most out of your washing machine?

Are you getting the most out of your washing machine?

Your washing machine is a great investment – it cleans your clothes at the touch of a button making both, doing your laundry and your life just so much easier. But are you getting the best out of your machine? Find out how to use an automatic washing machine for brilliant laundry results so you can get an outstanding clean every time!

Ariel removes India's tough stains in 1 wash

Detergent matters

There is more to washing than just turning the machine on and selecting the right cycle. Take your choice of laundry detergent, can you use hand washing powder in a washing machine? The answer is no. This is because hand wash products can actually harm your fully automatic washing machine. Hand wash detergent produces a lot of suds, which in an automatic washing machine prevents your clothes from getting a proper clean, especially in low water usage washing machines. As a result, suds may not get rinsed out properly. When this happens, unwanted soap residues can either be left behind on your clothes or they can potentially clog up the pores and damage your washing machine.

So you need a washing detergent that produces less lather, but still removes all the dirt and residue using less water.

Why Ariel Matic?

The new Ariel Matic is specially designed to give you great results for fully automatic washing machines and is available for both top loading and front loading washing machines. It also comes recommended by LG as the best detergents for washing machines. When compared to hand wash detergent, Ariel Matic comes with two-times the amount of stain removal ingredients* so your clothes come out brilliantly clean.

Ariel Matic comes with an advanced formula of surfactants, the cleaning agents that lift the stains off your clothes, cleaning boosters and enzymes that are used to break down protein-based stains. This means Ariel works hard to remove stains from the fibres of the fabric more easily. With its revolutionary laundry technology, Ariel Matic comes with the in-built power of a bar of soap and a brush to give you outstanding stain removal in 1 wash!

* Up to 2x more stain fighting ingredients for automatic washing machine conditions versus hand wash detergents of the same brand.

* Based on Lab tests on select stains such as Burnt Butter, Billberry Juice, Coffee, Tea, Ghee on Ariel Matic Front load detergent Vs. leading Front load Matic Detergents