How to remove red wine stains from clothing

How to remove red wine stains from clothing

Wine stains, especially red wine stains, can look intimidating due to their vibrant colour, so it’s just natural to panic a bit. But there’s no need with Ariel on your side! Read on and discover how you can remove wine stains and save the clothes that you love so much.

6 steps on how to remove wine stains

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    Prepare a Soaking Solution

    First up, you’ll need to pre-treat the wine-stained garment. Fill a sink or bucket with warm water and add half a scoop of Ariel Washing Powder. Mix the solution by hand until the detergent is completely dissolved.

    Prepare a soaking solution
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    Add your wine-stained garments to the solution and leave to soak for an hour. If the stained garment keeps floating to the top, place a white towel on top of it to keep it fully immersed in the soaking solution.

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    Preparing to wash

    Gently wring out the excess water before adding it to your wash with similar items.

    Preparing to wash
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    Add detergent based on the instructions on your pack. You can also check out our guide on how to dose detergent correctly.

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    Load your garment into the washing machine with other, similar items and wash on your usual cycle, at the highest temperature shown on the care label.

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    When the wash cycle is over, simply remove the items and hang them out to dry.

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Dos and don’ts on how to remove wine stains

ProcrastinateWine stains can be more easily removed if you act quickly and don’t let them dry.
ScrubGently blot the stain with a kitchen towel to help remove the excess wine.
Dry the stainHeat
Put a paper towel on the stainUse a towel or kitchen towel to blot the stain. Paper towels disintegrate easily and get deep into fibres.
Put white wine on the stain, as red wine and white wine don’t “cancel” each other out.Use laundry detergent as your number one fighter against wine stains.

Alternative ways to remove wine stains

There are some alternative stain removal methods that can be helpful, but keep in mind that they’ll never be as effective as a detergent that was specifically created to tackle stains, like Ariel Matic Front Load, or Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent. With this mindset, check out our list of these alternative methods:

  • Salt. The most ancient trick to help remove wine stains is to pour table salt on them. Salt attracts moisture and can help remove a wine stain.

  • Baking soda. Similar to salt, baking soda attracts liquids it comes into contact with, so it’s able to help lift wine stains.

  • White vinegar. Pouring white vinegar on the wine stain will not necessarily do the trick, but if you put liquid laundry detergent on it afterwards, it may help remove the stain.

  • Toothpaste. Soaking your wine-stained garment in cold water then rubbing toothpaste on the stain may help lift it, but again, using laundry detergent will be your best and most effective option.