Your comprehensive guide to fully-automatic washing machines

Buying a washing machine is no easy task. There are so many types of washing machines out there, and when you have terms get thrown around like fully-automatic, semi-automatic, top load and front load machines, how can you find the right washing machine to suit your laundry needs? Read on to learn about what to consider when buying a new washing machine, as well as everything you need to know about fully automatic top load washing machines and front load washing machines, including all their pros and cons.

When it comes to picking the right washer, you need to consider:

  • Functionality – Do you want a washing machine that does everything for you at the push of a button? Do you have complex laundry needs?
  • Budget - Buying a washing machine can get costly, depending on the model, make and features, but you can find great washing machines on the market that cater to a range of budgets.
  • Loading Capacity – Do you have big family with lots of laundry to do? Then you’d want to get a bigger machine, whereas a small family, a single person or a couple could do with a smaller machine.
  • Loading option – How much space do you have? Are you looking to save more energy or water? Would you prefer a washing machine that loads from the top or the front?

Once you know your washing needs, it’s time to find out which is the right washing machine for you.

What is a fully-automatic washing machine?

A fully-automatic machine does what the name says – they come with several programs and washing modes that will work at the push of a button. The machine does everything automatically, so once you’ve picked your program there is no need to do anything else, just turn it on.

When compared to semi-automatic washing machines, the fully-automatic washing machine price is going to be in a higher range, usually from RS 9,000/- to 80,000-, sometimes even more. But the benefits merit the cost, since they not only make the washing process so much easier, but they also come with a built-in heating system, which controls the hot washing cycle.

Another benefit with the fully-automatic washing machine is it also delivers a more thorough clean than a semi-automatic washing machine.

What kind of fully-automatic washing machines are there?

The main difference between fully-automatic washing machine types are the load types. You can get top load washing machines, where you load from the top, and front load washing machines that load from the side. So which type is the best fully-automatic washing machine for you?

Your Comprehensive Guide to Fully-Automatic Washing Machines from Ariel

Top load fully-automatic washing machines

This washing machine is narrower than front load machines, and you load it from the top by lifting the lid. The pros of a top load fully-automatic washing machine are:

  • Lower cost than front load fully-automatic washing machines.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • When it comes to buying a fully-automatic washing machine, you find a wide range of top load washing machine models on the market.
  • You simply need to set the functions of your wash and then the machine take care of the rest from the washing to the drying, although this depends on the model of the machine.
  • The machine is better designed ergonomically, so you don’t have to bend down to unload and load the machine.

Sounds good so far, so what about the cons?

  • Consumes more water.
  • You need a running water source to get the machine to complete the automatic cycle.
  • You’ll find fewer programs and features than in a front load machine.

Front load fully-automatic washing machines

Instead of loading your washing from the top, these washing machines have a door on the front side, hence the name. You’ll find the pros of a front load washing machine to be:

  • Better wash quality, thanks to their long wash cycles and tumble wash.
  • More water efficient.
  • Has more cycle settings.
  • Use less energy.

And the downsides?

  • More expensive.
  • Can have longer wash cycles.
  • Heavier than top load models.
  • Takes up more space than a top load machine.
  • Needs to be fixed in one place – cannot be moved around easily once installed.
  • Takes small loading capacities.

Choosing the right washer ultimately depends on you. But no matter which fully-automatic washing machine you choose, make sure you get the right washing detergent for it. Ariel is specially designed to meet your needs and is uniquely formulated to ensure the best performance inside your washing machine. Ariel offers a range of detergents from regular Ariel (for your semi-automatic washing machines) to Ariel Matic Front Load (for your fully-automatic front load washing machine) and Ariel Matic Top Load (for your fully-automatic top load washing machine), to ensure you get the best stain removal in 1-wash.