Introductions for new washing machine

Introductions for new washing machine

Easy to follow guide on how to install your new washing machine. Note that instructions may differ depending on the washer model and manufacturer.

Follow manufacturer’s washing machine instructions

Generally the procedure is:

  • Unpack your laundry machine

  • Check for damage

  • If damaged, do not install, and contact your supplier

  • Remove the protective screws from the back

  • Put plastic plugs in their place

  • Keep screws safe for later

  • Place your new machine where you want it

  • Close to a tap and water outlet, as well as a power source

  • Adjust the washing machine’s feet to the floor

  • No more than a 2° angle

  • Attach water inlet hose to tap

  • Screw onto the cold water inlet on the machine

  • Connect the drain hose to a draining duct or under sink tap

  • Make sure to remove any blanks from the hose first

  • The drain hose should be raised 15cm from the ground

  • Connect to the power

  • Be sure to check the plug and socket are compatible