How to store Ariel 4in1 PODS safely in your home

How to store Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS safely in your home

Children are curious by nature. It’s how they learn and play. Sometimes, children can get a little too curious, and their little hands may pick up something they shouldn’t be touching. With their bright colours and jelly-like texture, a laundry capsule can prove to be too much of a temptation for your little explorer, which is why they must be kept out of reach of children. Our team at Ariel also came up with a solution to this problem. Meet our new pack that’s been specially designed to make sure that your curious explorer can’t get their little hands on our PODS. The all-new Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS come in a pack with a child-lock system that’s hard for curious toddlers and children to get into, but easier for grownups to use.

How to store Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS and laundry detergent

Although the Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS packaging has been designed to be childproof, it’s still important it’s put away in a safe place. Make sure you seal the bag properly after taking a POD out.

  • Seal the inner bag properly

  • Place the bag inside the box and close the tub with a click

  • Make sure the bag is out of the reach of children. Always put your sealed pack of detergent on a high shelf or in a secure place where kids can’t reach it

  • Always store in a cool, dry place

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How the child-lock system works

The new Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS package comes with an effective child-lock that will keep little hands safe and away from the PODS. The tub lids come with built-in locks that are different from usual containers and work effectively by making it a little difficult for young ones to open the tub. The great thing about the design is it’s easy for you to know you’ve closed it correctly because it should always close with a clear ‘click’ sound.

How to open an Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS box

To ensure you’re using the pack correctly, follow our instructions below.

Open the pack with 2 hands. Open the cover. Close the pack properly
  • Use both hands when you open the pack. Place a finger on each latch and place your thumbs on the outside of the tub. Lift the lid by pinching and pushing the latches in towards you and open up the cover.

  • Keep the inner pouch sealed and inside the tub. The PODS should always be put in the inner bag, sealed, and then closed inside the pack. This doesn’t just help keep the product fresh, but makes the packaging extra childproof.

  • Make sure you close the pack properly after taking a POD out for the laundry. All you need to do is close the lid until you hear a click.

  • Always store the pack out of the reach of children. Even though the pack is sealed tightly, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you put it high up on a shelf or in a secure place like a locked cupboard your kids can’t access.

How to open an Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS bag

To make things extra safe for you, we have put the Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS inside a sealed bag as well as the tub. It’s easy for you to open, but not your little one, but if you want to know how to open it, read on.

More child safety tips

From the moment your child is born, it’s a non-stop adventure in your home. However, as your child starts growing up, begins to crawl and explore, and then even grab things and put them in their mouth, you will want to keep PODS and other laundry items out of the way. To help you keep your little one safe at any age, we created a checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

Store Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS high, locked away, closed and safe from children

Age 0 to 6 months

Just because your baby can’t crawl around on all fours yet doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Infants at that age can grasp anything to hand, wriggle, kick, roll over, and suck.

  • Never leave your baby on a raised surface, like a changing table

  • Clear the crib of any loose objects

  • Tuck blankets in when your baby is sleeping

  • Keep crib gates high

  • Supervise your baby in the bath

Age 6 months to a year

Your little one is getting a little more mobile these months, and can sit up, crawl, and put things in the mouth.

  • Cover sharp corners in the house with guards

  • Clear the floor of any loose objects

  • Keep small objects like medicine, marbles, batteries, and such, out of reach

  • Install stair gates

Age 1 to 2 years

Your toddler can walk and climb at this age and can also reach high up and find hidden objects. Not to mention a child this age is especially curious.

  • Tie back blind cords

  • Ensure any object that can fall off a shelf or a cabinet is out of reach

  • Fit stair gates to prevent falls

  • Store sharp objects and household chemicals, including laundry products, out of reach

Age 2 to 3 years

Now that your pint-sized explorer is getting more adventurous, you may notice your little one is watching you and imitating you all the time.

  • Don’t involve children in the laundry process or lighting fires

  • Ensure all your medicines and household products come with child-safety packaging

  • Let your child roam, but always keep an eye on them

  • Store heavy and sharp objects out of reach

No matter how old your child is, it’s important to know how to store your detergent and washing capsules and other detergents safely. Remember to close laundry capsule packs with a click and keep them out of the reach of children, as Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS are unsafe for children.