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Child safety tips for your home


Children by nature are curious, but sometimes that curiosity can lead them to play with things they shouldn’t. Make your home a safe and happy place for the entire family with our home safety tips you can put into practice starting today.

Laundry room safety tips

There’s a lot going on in the laundry room, and it’s easy to get distracted while doing the laundry, which is why it’s important to have a safe and efficient laundry routine. Is your laundry routine in tip-top condition? You’ll want to be sure you are using your laundry products correctly, as well as storing detergent and disposing of it the right way.

You can prevent any curious explorers from getting into any accidents by following our laundry safety tips below from how to use detergent to washing machine safety.

Safety tips for storing laundry detergent correctly
Storing detergent
  • Keep detergent out of the reach of children, either up high or locked in a cupboard.

  • Keep products in their original container with the label intact.

  • Close the container immediately after each use and put products away in their appropriate storage location.

During use
  • Follow all recommended instructions and make sure you pay close attention to all the 'Caution', 'Warning', or 'Danger', statements.

  • Make sure you always close the Ariel 4in1 PODS package and handle any washing capsules with dry hands to prevent the POD from dissolving before use.

  • Clean any spills up immediately, should they occur.

  • Wash your hands immediately after doing laundry and clean any tools you use to handle or measure products as well.

  • Try to do the laundry and other cleaning chores when it’s your child's downtime (such as naptime) to help keep any distractions away while handling laundry detergent or other cleaning products and avoid unintended exposure.

Disposing detergent
  • Recycle the outer packaging.

  • Dispose immediately after use.

  • Never use empty detergent containers to store any other materials, especially anything intended for human consumption.

If an incident occurs
  • Unintended exposure with laundry products usually causes no serious medical effects.

  • If the detergent is exposed to the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice, as needed.

  • If the detergent gets onto the skin or clothing, then remove soiled clothing and rinse skin well with water.

  • If swallowed, drink a glass of water or milk and contact your doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting.

  • In case of continued irritation, immediately seek medical attention and refer to pack label for details on the product.

  • Follow these steps for a safe laundry routine. Know what to do before unintended exposure happens.

Washing machine safety
  • Keep the washing machine doors closed, and preferably locked, even when not in use, to avoid children from playing in them or hiding in them. If your machine doesn’t lock, you can also install a child-safe lock.

  • Read your washing machine’s manual, so you know the dos and don’ts of your machine so you, your family, and your laundry can stay safe.

  • Give your washing machine an annual check-up to make sure everything is working and in order.

  • Don’t ignore any warnings that your washing machine may be faulty. This could include having clothes come out too soapy, for example, which could indicate a mechanical problem like a coin or a similar small object getting stuck in the machine.

  • Make sure water hoses get replaced if there’s any damage, as a cracked hose could burst and cause flooding in your house.

Home Safety Tips

Washing capsules are brightly coloured and are attractive for kids, which is why it’s important to keep them out of the reach of children. It can feel stressful to make sure you do this right, but the good news is our new Ariel 4in1 PODS pack is now safer, as it’s now hard for little hands to unlock, but it’s still easy to open for adults. Our new Ariel 4in1 PODS come with a special child-lock system that can be opened by pinching and pulling the latches on the lid, which closes with a click when you’re done.

Store Ariel Matic 4-in-1 PODS high, locked away, closed and safe from children

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  • It’s important to handle Ariel 4in1 PODS with dry hands. There is no need to cut or peel the POD for use, just add it to the drum as is. Getting laundry detergent—whether it’s liquid or powder detergent—onto the skin won’t cause burns or serious injuries, but it should be washed off immediately. Those with sensitive skin (like most children) may be prone to allergies or irritation, so make sure you keep laundry detergent away from children at all times.

  • Keep laundry detergent closed in its original packaging and up in a high place away from the reach of children or locked in a childproof cupboard. For products like PODS, ensure the storage area is cool and dry.