How to store washing detergent

How to store washing detergent


It’s important to store detergents safely and correctly. Find out how to store different detergents, how to keep them out of reach of children, and how to dispose of them safely. Plus, read some tips on how to store your laundry products more easily.

How to store different laundry detergents

Each detergent is different, which is why you should keep the type in mind when you decide how to store it.

How to store powder detergent:

  • STORE IN A DRY PLACE. Moisture will make the product harden and make it difficult to dissolve and wash with, plus it can also plug the dispensers in your washing machine.

  • KEEP AT A STABLE TEMPERATURE. Very low temperatures can cause powder detergent to harden over time, and high temperatures can cause the product to lose oxygen, making it less effective at stain removal. Ideally, keep it in a place that’s between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.

How to store liquid detergent:

  • KEEP AT A STABLE, COOL TEMPERATURE. While liquid detergents are not sensitive to moisture, they are sensitive to heat. At a very low temperature, it can freeze and become unstable, while at a high temperature its active components can separate and also destabilise. 10 to 25 degrees Celsius is ideal.

  • KEEP CLOSED. Aside from the potential health hazards if left open, liquid detergents are also more prone to microbial contamination and can spread to your clothes if you use it.

How to store Ariel 4in1 PODS:

  • SEAL THE INNER BAG PROPERLY. Ariel 4in1 PODS come with an effective child-lock that is easy for you to open and close, but difficult for little fingers to pry open. Make sure you always hear the ‘click’ sound to fully close it.

  • KEEP THE BAG IN THE BOX CLOSED. Put the bag back into the original tub and close it with a click. Keep the box high on a shelf or locked up and away from children.

  • STORE IN A DRY PLACE. Ariel 4in1 PODS dissolve upon contact with water or moisture, so make sure the inside of the bag remains dry. Always handle PODS with dry hands.

All detergents should be:

  • Kept out of reach of children.

  • Kept in their original container with their label intact.

  • Closed after use.

  • Put back in their appropriate storage location in your laundry room or in another safe place right after use.

How to use detergent safely

  • Follow the recommended product instructions.

  • Pay attention to any warning statements, like “danger”, “poison”, “caution”, or “warning”.

  • Clean up any spills immediately.

  • Wash your hands after doing the laundry, and wash any tools you use to handle or measure the products.

  • If you have children, try to do the laundry when your child is at school or taking a nap. This way you can keep distractions at bay while handling the laundry and it helps prevent your child coming into contact with the detergents.

How to dispose of detergent safely

  • Follow the recommended product disposal information on the label.

  • Use up or give away any remaining detergent, or flush any unwanted detergent down the drain. When flushing powder detergent, add some warm water to help dissolve any clumps.

  • This will help prevent clogging the drain.

  • In the case of liquid detergent, rinse the container before recycling it or placing it in the rubbish.

  • Never use empty laundry detergent containers to store other materials, especially food or drinks.

What to do in case of an emergency

  • If detergent gets in eyes, immediately rinse with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice if needed.

  • If spilt on skin or clothing, remove soiled clothing and rinse well with water, wash the detergent off skin right away.

  • If swallowed, drink a glass of water or milk and call a doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting.

Tips for storing your laundry products

Keep your laundry room tidy with these storage tips:

  • INSTALL A SHELF. If you have a bare wall, add a single utility shelf that’s high enough to be out of the reach of children. Make sure it’s installed securely and use it to keep your detergent, measuring devices, scoop, and other odds and ends.

  • INVEST IN A MOBILE CART WITH DRAWERS. If your laundry room is in the garage or out of the way of the children, you can get a drawer cart where you can safely keep your detergents. You can also put childproof locks on them, just in case.

  • USE A CLEAN RUBBISH BIN FOR DETERGENT. If you buy powdered detergent in bulk, you can pour it into a large bin. Make sure you can close the bin properly, and fix a childproof seal on it, if necessary.

Follow our laundry storage tips to keep your family safe from any detergent-related accidents.