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Washing machines vs. the washer / dryer combo – what’s the difference?


You’ve decided to buy a fully-automatic washing machine and while you’re convinced that you need one that does everything automatically, you may be wondering if you want or need a washer and dryer combo? You may find you’re asking yourself what’s the difference between a washing machine and a washer dryer or whether should I buy a washer dryer combo.

A washer dryer is a washing machine with an inbuilt tumble dryer, so if you need to dry clothes quickly, it’s a good option as it both washes and dries your clothes in the same cycle – so all you need to do is remove the clothes from the machine and they’re ready to wear.

Are washer dryer combos good?

If owning a dryer is important for you and you don’t have much space, a washer dryer combination acts as two appliances in one, saving you space and perhaps even money – since you’re only buying one machine. However, if you want to use a dryer successfully, you may need to use smaller loads than you would with a separate tumble dryer, as your clothes need to get enough hot air in them to dry your laundry effectively. This might take you longer to do the laundry. Of course, having one appliance means less power being used, so it may be cheaper to run a washer dryer combo instead of two machines.

Washing machines and washers with a dryer function both have advantages

Washer dryer combo vs separate appliances

In the case you can afford both the price and the space, using separate machines to do the washing and the drying has its own benefits. To effectively wash clothes, a washing machine needs the clothes to rub together, so you’ll find the washing machine dimensions smaller where the drum size is concerned. Whereas a tumble dryer needs morespace to allow the clothes to dry in the hot air, so this will have a bigger drum. This means you can wash and dry more clothes at once, is another advantage for separate appliances. And, if you have more than one load, you can dry one of the loads while washing the next at the same time.

Whether you opt to buy a washing machine and a tumble dryer separately, or a washer dryer combo, using the right detergent is also important to see the results you want. Ariel is specially designed to meet your needs and is uniquely formulated to ensure the best performance inside your washing machine. Ariel offers a range of detergents from regular Ariel (for your semi-automatic washing machines) to Ariel Matic Front Load (for your fully-automatic front load washing machine) and Ariel Matic Top Load (for your fully-automatic top load washing machine), to ensure you get the best stain removal in 1-wash.