Your guide on how to effectively clean a washing machine and when

Your guide on how to effectively clean a top-load or front-load washing machine and when

Just like your clothes need washing, your machine also needs cleaning from time to time. You may think that using all that detergent not only cleans your clothes, but also the washing machine itself. But the reality is that your washing machine can pick up all kinds of things like dirt, bacteria, mildew, and dirty soap from your regular washings. If you leave your machine uncleaned, after a while it will begin to smell musty. Read on to find out how to clean a washing machine with a few simple tips.

Tips for cleaning washing machines and washer-driers

If you give your machine regular maintenance, care, and cleaning, you can make sure your machine is in top condition. Cleaning it on a regular basis can also save money in the long run, so follow these simple tips to keep your washer in top shape for longer:

  • Unload clothes. When your wash cycle is over, remove the load as soon as possible to avoid musty smells.

  • Cleaning cycle. Once a month, run a cleaning cycle to get rid of any odours or contaminants in your washing machine, and to avoid any build-up.

  • Open the door. Keeping the door of your machine slightly ajar allows air to move around the washer and helps it dry.

  • Remove residue. Check the dispenser drawers regularly, and remove any water, detergent, or fabric softener residue.

  • Clean the outside. Using a damp cloth, clean the outside of your washing machine regularly.

  • Check the hose filters. Clean the inlet hose filters, because they can clog up and affect the flow of water in your cycle.

How to clean front-load washing machines

  • 1

    Hot cycle

    Run a hot cycle with an empty washing machine to remove any build-up of detergent.

  • 2

    Wash on 40

    Use some washing machine cleaner, and do an empty wash on 40 degrees to get rid of odours.

  • 3

    Remove drawer

    Take out the dispenser drawer, and soak it in hot water in a bowl or your sink. You can add some bleach to the hot water if the dispenser drawer is very dirty.

  • 4

    Use a damp cloth

    Wipe the machine and the door down with a damp cloth. Pull back the rubber seal on the door to get all the dirt from underneath.

  • 5


    Use the damp cloth to wipe inside the slot that houses the dispenser drawers.

  • 6

    Use a toothbrush

    A toothbrush can help you remove any left-over residue in the drawer before inserting it back to the machine.

How to protect your washer

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How to clean top-load washing machines

  • 1

    Hot cycle

    Similarly to front-load washers, you’ll want to run a hot cycle with an empty machine to remove any build-up of detergent.

  • 2

    Another hot wash

    Run a second hot wash cycle, preferably on the longest cycle, and add some washing machine cleaner to the water to get rid of any odours.

  • 3

    Clean drawer

    Take out the dispenser drawer, and clean it with a damp cloth. If it’s too dirty, soak it in warm water.

  • 4

    Wipe the inside

    With a hot, damp cloth, clean the inside of your washing machine, including the drum and the rim of the drum.

  • 5

    Wipe the outside

    Using a damp cloth, wipe down the exterior of your washing machine to avoid dirt getting inside.

How detergents affect the cleanliness of a washing machine

Also, using the right detergent is important if you have a fully automatic washing machine. Using hand-wash detergent in a fully automatic washing machine can leave more residues behind, making the machine harder to clean and affecting its longevity. Ariel is specially designed to meet your needs and is uniquely formulated to ensure the best performance inside your washing machine. Ariel offers a range of detergents from regular Ariel (for your semi-automatic washing machines) to Ariel Matic Front Load (for your fully automatic front-load washing machine) and Ariel Matic Top Load (for your fully-automatic top-load washing machine), to ensure you get the best stain removal in one wash.