Choosing an eco-friendly washing machine

How to choose a budget and eco-friendly washing machine for your home

When you get the right washing machine, sometimes you can save money by using a low energy consumption washing machine or by choosing a low water usage washing machine. Green washing might help the environment, but it can also help you make savings in the long term.

A washing machine can be budget and eco-friendly, you just have to choose wisely

What are the benefits of green washing?

An economical washing machine gives you many advantages beyond just being good for the environment, they also run more quietly and save energy. You may also find that they last longer, reduce your carbon emissions and use much less water!

How can efficient machines save money?

By reducing the washing machine power consumption, you also use less electricity, which means lower utility bills.

Which washing machines are most energy efficient?

A fully-automatic washing machine is usually going to be more energy efficient, but you might want to do some shopping around to find a low energy consumption washing machine. It’s a good idea to ask about its energy efficiency when you’re shopping for a machine.

Which washing machines have the least water consumption?

Semi-automatic washing machines do come with the benefit that you can top them up with water as you go, so you can ration the amount of water you use. However, sometimes it might be more energy efficient to use a front load fully-automatic low water consumption washing machine if you’re looking to save water.

No matter the model of washing machine you choose, you’ll want to opt for the right detergent that gives you the best results. When you use an energy efficient fully-automatic washing machine, it’s particularly important NOT to use a detergent with a lot of sudsing, like hand wash detergent, as that will yield unclean clothes and may affect the machine.

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