ADP IN - What is the price range for washing machines in India?

What is the price range for washing machines in India?


There are many things you’ll want to consider when you’re looking to buy a washing machine. The question on how to choose a washing machine really depends on what you’re looking for and your needs. Do you have a big family and are likely to do a lot of laundry? Do you live in a dry region where water sometimes gets rationed? All these factors will affect your decision, but washing machine prices also play a big role when it comes to making that choice.

What to look for in a washing machine – know your needs

What to look for in a washing machine – know your needs

Each household is unique, and so is your laundry. This is why it’s important to understand what you want from your washing machine before looking into buying one. For example:

  • Budget. What is the highest price you can afford?

  • Long-term costs. You may be willing to spend more on a washing machine at first, but see long term savings with an economical washing machine that saves on water, power and hence the bills.

  • Loading capacity. Do you have a big family? You may need a larger washing machine to cater to your family’s laundry needs.

  • Do you want a convenient machine that does everything at the press of a button?

  • Do you have access to a continuous water supply?

Before consulting any washing machine buying guide, find out what you want from a washing machine.

Capacity options

Clothing capacity can affect the type of washing machine you need to buy. See our washing machine guide on the needed capacities based on the number family members in your household:

  • 1-2 family members. Capacity 5-6kgs.

  • 3 family members. Capacity 6-7kgs.

  • 4 family members. Capacity 7-8kgs.

  • 5+ family members. Capacity 8kgs or more.

You might feel that buying a cheaper washing machine may offer better value, but when you need to do more loads because the capacity is lower than you need, you could actually spend more money in the long run with more frequent loads.

The prices difference between semi-automatic, top-load fully automatic and front-load fully automatic washing machines differ

Price ranges

Price ranges on semi-automatic washing machines

If budget and washing machine price are priority, you may be interested in getting a semi-automatic washing machine. These are low end entry level washers, sometimes coming in a single tub or a twin tub model. These machines may require some labour from you, like moving wet clothes from one tub to the other, but they come at an affordable cost range from Rs. 6000/- to 12,000/-. You can see more about the benefits and disadvantages in our comprehensive guide to semi-automatic washing machines.

Price ranges on fully-automatic washing machines

The main difference between semi-automatic and fully-automatic washing machines is that the latter does everything for you automatically, simply put the load in and press the on button. Of course, when making a washing machine price comparison between the two, the fully-automatic machine will be higher due to this automated convenience and advanced features, like its programs. Fully-automatic washing machines can range from Rs 9000/- to 80,000/- depending on the model, features and more. Find out in our comprehensive guide to fully-automatic washing machines.

Prices ranges on top load washing machines

Fully-automatic washing machines come in two variants – top load and front load, and you can find out more about the differences between the types of washing machines in our other articles. This model, where the load goes in the top of the machine, offers you a more budget friendly option for a fully-automatic washing machine, with a price range of Rs 9000/- to Rs 36,000/-.

Price ranges on front load washing machines

Some of the best washing machines are usually the front load washing machines, which don’t just give great laundry results, but can even save on energy and water. This means an economical washing machine can actually give you long term savings. However, they do come at a higher price, usually ranging from Rs. 20,000/- to 80,000/-, so you will need to work with a higher budget, but if you can afford one, you may see a good return on investment.

Price ranges on features

A washing machine with more features will also cost more, and again, whether you want to spend money on a machine with various programs, timing options and more goes back to your personal needs. A machine with more features will fall into the higher price category, so if you want to keep things a bit simpler, you could save rupees on the cost.

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