10 Things You Should Know About Choosing A Washing Machine

10 things you should know about a washing machine

If you’re looking to buy a washing machine, it’s important to know your needs and what kind of machines are out there. So before you go out to bring home a washer, here are 10 things you should know about the machine you’re buying.

There are many factors that can influence what type of washing machine you could buy
  1. Is it a semi-automatic or fully-automatic machine? This will depend on what your needs and budget restrictions are. See more about the difference between semi-automatic washing machines and fully-automatic washing machines in our other articles.

  2. Wash settings. Many fully-automatic washing machines offer various programs for different washes, like delicate wash or wool wash. Some can be customised, and you can even save your favourite settings so you have them on hand. What kind of features are you looking for?

  3. Spin cycle. Depending on the fabric and the type of clothes you want to wash, the spin cycle, denoted by the revolutions per minute (rpm) is important. Delicates should only be spun on a cycle of 300-500rm, while more robust items can go to 1000rpm.

  4. Efficiency. How efficient is your washing machine when it comes to saving power and water? An economical washing machine means savings in the long run.

  5. Size. Top load machines tend to be narrower than front load fully-automatic washing machines. Do you need to put your washing machine in a tight corner? Or can you afford the extra space and you need a larger washing machine for larger loads, which brings us on to the next point.

  6. Load capacity. If you have a large family you’ll want a washing machine which can take larger loads, as opposed to a person with a small family or a single person.

  7. Does it have a dryer? If you live a busy life and you don’t have time hang out the washing, a washing machine with an inbuilt dryer might be a suitable option for you.

  8. Material of the drum. The material of the washing machine drum can come in varieties, such as plastic, stainless steel or even porcelain enamel, with steel being the more expensive version and the most durable. Also, enamel is perhaps less durable than the other materials, even if it’s cheaper.

  9. Is it a top or front load? There are various pros and cons for top and front load machines, you can read about the difference between a top or a front load machine in our article.

  10. Does it have pre-soak? If you have kids who like to get messy, or you have a many tough stains, you might want to invest in a washing machine with a pre-soak cycle.

Once you’ve found the right washing machine for your needs, you’ll need the right detergent. Ariel is specially designed to meet your needs and is uniquely formulated to ensure the best performance inside your washing machine. Ariel offers a range of detergents from regular Ariel (for your semi-automatic washing machines) to Ariel Matic Front Load (for your fully-automatic front load washing machine) and Ariel Matic Top Load (for your fully-automatic top load washing machine), to ensure you get the best stain removal in 1-wash.