Meet Ariel’s new laundry detergent specifically designed to remove stains and work with your washing machine

Stains happen as a part of daily life, whether you’re eating out and spill some dal down your shirt or you get greasy, oily stains from cooking. Not to mention your kids coming home sweaty after playing a game of cricket!

Stains and their types

Not all stains are created equal, so depending on the type of stain, whether it’s an oily or greasy stain, an oxidisable stain, a enzymatic stain or a particulate stain, each one can become tricky to remove since they require different active ingredients in the detergent and also different treatment. For example, you wouldn’t want to rinse your enzymatic protein stains, like curd, under hot water as this can cook the stain.

Enzymatic stains, like proteins, starches and some fats require enzymes to remove the stains, whereas oxidisable stains like tea or coffee, need bleaching agents, greasy stains need surfactants and particulate stains need builders to get them off.

Ariel Stain Removal Technology

Ariel Fibre Scientists have modelled and simulated all kinds of stains and combinations stains to see how they will react on each type of garment. By understanding how stains happen and how they affect the fabric, Ariel has come up with a formula that is designed to help remove tough stains from different garments.

This is why Ariel detergents come with a mix of powerful stain removing ingredients to help lift stains off even in the 1st wash.

Discover How to Remove Stains with Ariel Matic - No.1 recommended by LG

Ariel Matic – a detergent specially designed for fully-automatic washing machines

Ariel Matic has not only been designed to remove tough stains, like paan and dal makhani, but has also been specifically formulated to work as a detergent for a fully-automatic washing machine. Ariel Matic works to give you great stain removal, while working with your washing machine with a formula that’s been adjusted to give your fully automatic washing machines the right level of chemistry needed to cater to longer cycles, limited direct hand contact with the wash, higher temperatures and digital mechanical agitation to give the results you want. It also helps you when it comes to the question of “how can I use my washing machine to ensure its lifespan longevity?”
Also, you can get Ariel Matic Top Load for fully-automatic top load washing machines and Ariel Matic Front Load for fully-automatic front load washing machines. Ariel Matic Front Load contains suds suppressors that manages the quantity and duration of suds in-line with the needs of a Front Load Washing Machine, giving you optimal conditions for both your clothes and the washing machine. Ariel Matic Top Load allows surfactants to create more suds, tailor made for the conditions of a Top Load Washing Machine, ensuring the perfect cleaning environment for your clothes and your Top Load washing machine.

If you have a semi-automatic washing machine, then regular Ariel is the best detergent for your machine instead.

Find out more about the different types of washing machines to see the best laundry results when it comes to stain removal.