How to Choose the Most Suitable Detergent for Your Washing Machine

Which washing detergent type should I choose for my washing machine?

When it comes to getting the perfect laundry results, detergent matters. Sometimes it may seem like any washing detergent will do, but it’s more complex than that. Find out more about the best detergent for washing machines and how to dose and more!

Hand wash detergent vs washing machine detergent

Not all detergents on the market are the same, not to mention some are also designed to cater to different laundry needs. A washing detergent that produces a lot of suds is what you need to get garments clean while washing by hand. Can you use hand washing powder in a washing machine? For the reasons why it’s great for hand washing, you shouldn’t use hand washing detergent in a washing machine.

Hand wash detergents are tailor made to function in the unique environment of washing, cleaning and scrubbing with your hands. The formula of the detergent will consider factors like temperature, washing methods, and hence ensure the right particle distribution and the right sudzing to give you the best cleaning. Hence, you should not use a hand wash detergent in a washing machine as it can potentially damage your washing machine and give you poor cleaning results. For example, you’ll use less water in any washing machine, so if you have more sudsing then it requires more water to rinse the garments clean. In fact, a high sudsing detergent can actually damage your machine and leaves your garments unclean since your washer may not rinse all the suds out properly.

Types of washing machine detergent

You can get washing detergents in powder, liquid and tablet form, although which to use depends on your laundry needs and the machine you’re using. If you have a semi-automatic washing machine, regular Ariel washing powder helps you see the best results for outstanding stain removal that’s also good for your machine. Just be sure to check the pack on how much washing powder to use before dosing, as too much detergent can be just as bad for your machine as too little. For fully-automatic washing machines, use Ariel Matic which has been designed with fully-automatic washing machines in mind, adjusting to the right level of chemistry required for the conditions of your machine, such as higher temperatures, longer cycles, varying levels of mechanical agitation and longer cycles.

Do you need different detergent for front load and top load machines?

If you use a fully-automatic washing machine, while a detergent specifically designed for fully-automatic washers already gives you great results, different machines also have their own laundry needs, for example, a front load machine needs a detergent that produces less suds than a top load. Which is why it’s recommended that you get a detergent that’s tailored to your washing machine type. For example, your front load washing machine will work by agitating your clothes at high speeds to help remove the dirt. So hand washing detergent or even a top load washing machine detergent will produce too many suds. So it’s best to get the right Ariel Matic for your machine. Ariel Matic Front Load contains suds suppressors that manages the quantity and duration of suds in-line with the needs of a Front Load Washing Machine, giving you optimal conditions for both your clothes and the washing machine. Ariel Matic Top Load allows surfactants to create more suds, tailor made for the conditions of a Top Load Washing Machine, ensuring the perfect cleaning environment for your clothes and your Top Load washing machine.

No matter which machine you have, and even if you get the right detergent that suits your washer, make sure know how much washing powder to use in your washing machine so that you get the best results.