How to make use of the Fast Cycle

Sometimes you need clean clothes in a hurry. Sometimes you don’t have close to a full wash worth of dirty garments. Sometimes you just can’t wait for the normal cycle to finish. Luckily there is another option on most modern washing machines: the fast cycle. Let’s see the guide to basics!

A fast cycle does pretty much exactly what it describes: it washes your clothes faster than your normal cycle would. While that sounds great, it also means it doesn’t pack the same punch as the regular wash. So why and when would you use the fast cycle and what is it, exactly?

Clean in less time

Well, usually lasting under an hour, the fast cycle uses a lower temperature than normal to wash small loads quickly. It’s no good throwing your muddy football kit in there, as it won’t get cleaned, but for those lightly soiled items, a fast cycle is perfect.

It’s also perfect for those clothes you need sooner. If you’ve got a meeting to go to and your favorite shirt needs a wash, then chuck it into a fast cycle with a few other whites and Ariel Detergent and in no time at all, your garments will be refreshed and ready for your big meeting.

The fast wash isn’t just faster than the regular wash, though. Combine it with a half wash and you can quickly wash a few clothes without using a lot of energy. It also means you can use less detergent, too, saving again.

A fast cycle needs a fast detergent

Yet no matter what cycle you select, it’s important to use the right detergent. A fast wash needs quick acting detergents, and Ariel is the perfect choice. It is effective in short wash cycles, giving you impeccably clean clothes.

As always, check your washing machine’s instruction booklet. Sometimes the fast cycle can be even more efficient than the eco cycle, giving you yet another reason to use it. Just make sure to separate out those very dirty garments that need a full length wash.